Statistical Consulting

Agricultural and Biological Research Statistical Consulting: The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences supports statistical consulting for faculty and researchers in the Ag College through the AES Consulting Group.


Center for Survey Statistics & Methodology CSSM engages in statistical consulting for researchers on and off campus. CSSM, often in partnership with Survey and Behavioral Research Services (SBRS), is available for consultation and joint research on all aspects of sampling, surveys, and census-type studies. The services provided will always depend on the needs of the particular research project under consideration, but may include defining study objectives, identifying study populations and sample design, developing survey instruments, or evaluating appropriate survey methods.


Academic and Research Statistical Consulting: Faculty and researchers from other colleges are welcome to request appointments for consulting on statistical issues for grants and other special projects.


Government and Non-profit Statistical Consulting: Statistics in the Community (StatCom) is a student-based community outreach program that serves local communities throughout the nation. At Iowa State, StatCom offers statistical advice and expertise free of charge to governmental and nonprofit groups in the local community.


Also see: Survey & Behavioral Research Services (SBRS) and the Center for Survey Statistics & Methodology (CSSM).

What we do:

  • research design, sample size calculations
  • writing statistical methods for grant applications
  • choosing statistical methods
  • use of statistical computing packages to analyze data
  • interpretation of results

What we do not do:

  • help with your statistics homework: please see your course TA.
  • last minute projects with short deadlines - it is the responsibility of the researcher to provide ample time for statistical analyses - depending on the complexity of the problem and the current workload, a few weeks may be required.

Areas of expertise and contact information:

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