NIEMI, Jarad
Assistant Professor

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Curriculum Vitae

2208 Snedecor, 515-294-8679



Bayesian methods, spatio-temporal modeling, disease outbreaks, computational statistics


PhD, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2009
MS, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2005
BS, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1999

Recent Publications:

  • Jo Eidsvik, Benjamin A. Shaby, Brian J. Reich, Matthew Wheeler, and Jarad Niemi (2013), 'Estimation and prediction in spatial models with block composite likelihoods using parallel computing', Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics Accepted
  • Jarad B. Niemi and Gerald J. Niemi. , Linear regression, model averaging, and Bayesian techniques for predicting chemical activities from structure. In Advances in Mathematical Chemistry: With applications to chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, drug discovery, and predictive toxicology., Subhash C. Basak, Guillermo Restrepo and Jose Luis Villaveces, (eds), Bentham Publishers Accepted
  • David Banks, Gauri Datta, Alan Karr, James Lynch, Jarad Niemi, and Francisco Vera (2012), 'Bayesian CAR models for syndromic surveillance on multiple data streams: theory and practice', Information Fusion Vol. 13, No. 2, Pages 105-116. Online Copy
  • Bernie J Daigle Jr, Min K Roh, Linda R Petzold, Jarad Niemi (2012), 'Accelerated maximum likelihood parameter estimation for stochastic biochemical systems', BMC Bioinformatics Vol. 13, No. 68
  • Michael Ludkovski and Jarad Niemi (2011), 'Optimal disease outbreak decisions using stochastic simulation', Proceedings of the 2011 Winter Simulation Conference

Recent Presentations:

  • "Determining optimal sequential disease outbreak interventions", University of Iowa, Computational Epidemiology seminar, Iowa City, IA,
  • "Optimal sequential management decisions for influenza outbreaks", 9th Annual International Society for Disease Surveillance Conference, Park City, UT USA,