Earning an MS Degree in Statistics via Distance Education

The Department of Statistics offers its regular MS degree online. We also offer individual online statistics courses to individuals who want to continue their education in statistics without pursuing the MS degree. Course lectures and other materials are delivered electronically via the web, so students can watch lecturers and review materials when they can fit it into their schedules. Assignments and projects can be submitted electronically and contact with instructors is provided through email and web-based communication.

The degree we offer is the same as the degree we offer on campus, so it requires a serious commitment. Students taking courses online see the same lectures and complete the same assignments, projects, and exam as students on campus. The typical load for a student with a full time job is one course per semester, so it takes about five years to complete the MS degree. Students generally begin the MS program by either taking the Stat 500 and Stat 510 sequence or taking the Stat 542 and Stat 543 sequence in the first year.

Students may try out the online program by enrolling in courses before applying for acceptance into the MS program, but the Graduate College will accept no more than 9 credits of courses taken prior to being formally accepted into the program. To enroll in courses, a student will need to make an arrangement for someone at the student's location to proctor exams. Information on tuition and course fees can be found at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences online learning web site at Online students currently pay in-state tuition rates, regardless of their place of residence.

Additional information about the online MS program in Statistics and assistance with applying for the program is available from the Statistics Graduate Secretary at