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  • SAS 9.3 is available to ISU students on a Terminal Server farm for our labs (see machine names below). The farm is open to any student enrolled at ISU who is on campus (or off campus with a VPN connection). Another Terminal Server ( is available off campus without a VPN connection.

Terminal Server SAS

The Department of Statistics is running a Windows Terminal Server with SAS installed that is accessible to Iowa State University students. To log into the Terminal Server follow these steps:
  • Watch this video if you use Windows
  • If you are using a Windows XP or Vista computer
    • Double left click on the sas.rdp file and it should start the Remote Desktop Client
  • If you are using a Mac you will need to..
    • Download and install the client from the here
    • Start the Cord Client type in the terminal Server Address and hit enter key
  • Enter iastate\NET-ID for the user name and then click connect OK.
  • On the next screen enter your ISU password (make sure the last line says IASTATE, if not then pick it)
  • Now you should have a desktop where you can run SAS, print to your local printer, and save and load files from your local computer

Student/Faculty/Staff Windows SAS Installations(Buy SAS)

  • If you are a student, staff member, or active faculty member you may go here (use Firefox/Chrome/Safari because the page does not currently work in Internet Explorer) to order lincenses or renew existing licenses.
  • If you have questions about leasing/accessing/using Windows SAS, please email Stat IT. There is a modest annual fee for a license.

Installation Tips

  • On the page where you will select the products, for a typical installation, do the following:
    • Uncheck "SAS Deployment Tester - Client"
    • Check "SAS Drivers for JDBC"
    • Check "SAS Drivers for ODBC"
    • Uncheck "SAS Formats Library for Teradata"
    • Check "SAS Power and Sample Size"
    • Uncheck "SAS Providers for OLE DB"
    • Check "SAS SQL Library for C" (If for a C-coder)
    • Check "SAS Universal Viewer"
    • Uncheck "SAS/GRAPH ActiveX Control"
    • Check "SAS/GRAPH NV Workshop"
    • Check "SAS/GRAPH ODS Graphics Editor"
    • Check "SAS/IML Studio"
    • Uncheck "SAS/SECURE Windows Client Components"
  • If you get stuck in a "Pending Restart" loop, try the following:
    • Delete the following registry keys, if they exist:
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\FileRenameOperations
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations
    • Run the installation from the command line with the following flags:
        setup.exe -noreboot -nomsupdate
    • Try installing SAS while the computer is in Safe Mode.
    • Clean the computer of any Spyware, Adware, and Viruses.

Public labs for SAS

SAS for Microsoft Windows is installed in these public labs:

  • Durham 139

SAS Online Documentation