Fall 2021 Publication Highlights

December 17, 2021

Here are a few highlights among our many papers published or accepted for publication this fall.

  • LAS Dean’s Professor Jae-Kwang Kim published the article “Semiparametric Optimal Estimation with Nonignorable Nonresponse Data” in the Annals of Statistics with his co-author Kosuke Morikawa. As many of you know, publishing a paper in the Annals of Statistics is a great accomplishment. This particular paper underwent years of revisions before making it to print in October.
  • After five years of effort and collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Assistant Professor Danica Ommen and coauthors Baldaino and Saunders had the article “Characterization and Differentiation of Aluminum Powders Used in Improvised Explosive Devices Part 2: Micromorphometric Method Refinement and Preliminary Statistical Analysis” accepted by the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Danica and recent graduate Mattie Johnson (MS, 2021) had their paper "Handwriting Identification Using Random Forests and Score‐based Likelihood Ratios" accepted for publication in Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: The ASA Data Science Journal. Danica and her students have been involved in a variety of interesting research projects associated with the Center for Statistics and Analysis of Forensic Evidence.
  • Working with his current and former PhD students Yifan Zhu and Fan Dai (PhD, 2020), the department’s new associate chair for research, Professor Ranjan Maitra, completed the paper “Fully Three-dimensional Radial Visualization” that has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. Yifan won a Research Excellence Award this fall, and Fan is currently a tenure-track assistant professor in Mathematical Sciences at Michigan Tech.
  • Associate Professor Emily Berg and Professor Zhengyuan Zhu published “Bivariate Small-Area Estimation for Binary and Gaussian Variables Based on a Conditionally Specified Model” in Biometrics with their outstanding PhD student Hao Sun. Dr. Berg earned her PhD in Statistics in 2010 and is a leading expert in small-area estimation methods, having published at least 10 refereed journal articles on the subject.
  • Recent PhD graduate Dapeng Hu and his major professors Chong Wang and Annette M. O’Connor published “A Likelihood Ratio Test for the Homogeneity of Between-study Variance in Network Meta-analysis” in Systematic Reviews. They provide a statistically sound approach for assessing a key assumption in network meta-analysis that is often overlooked. They illustrate their methodology on a network meta-analysis of antibiotic treatments for bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle.
  • Current assistant professor and ISU Statistics alum Yumou Qiu (PhD, 2014) had several papers accepted for publication this fall on a variety of topics. Examples include
    • “Inference for Heterogeneous Treatment Effects for Observational Data with High-dimensional Covariates” to appear in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B by Qiu, Tao, and Zhou;
    • “Inference on Multi-level Partial Correlations based on Multi-subject Time Series Data” to appear in the Journal of the American Statistical Association by Qiu and Zhou;
    • “KAT4IA: K-Means Assisted Training for Image Analysis of Field-Grown Plant Phenotypes” to appear in Plant Phenomics by Xingche Guo (ISU Statistics PhD, 2021), Qiu, Nettleton, Yeh, Zheng, Hey, and Schnable; and
    • “Better Strategies for Containing COVID-19 Pandemic – A Study of 25 Countries via a vSIADR Model” to appear in Proceedings of the Royal Society A by Gu, Yan, Huang, Zhu, Sun, Zhang, Wang, Qiu, and Song Xi Chen (ISU Statistics Professor Emeritus).

                  As a student, Yumou won the department’s Snedecor Award in 2013. It is great to see him fulfilling his promise as an outstanding researcher!