GGobi for Mac


If you need to run GGobi or rggobi on Mac, we will use Fink to deploy GGobi and rggobi.

  • Prerequisite:
    • Download and Install "XQuartz"
    • Download and Install "Xcode"
    • Open a terminal window and run "sudo xcode-select --install" to install Xcode Command Line Tools.
    • Install "Java 6 for OS X 2015-001 10.7+") (run "java -version" to verify if you have "java version 1.6.0_65" installed)
  • Download "Install Fink.tool" script from "helper script" link over
  • Change "Install Fink.tool" to executable by "chmod +x Install\ Fink.tool".
  • Run "./Install\ Fink.tool" to setup and install Fink.  You can leave the prompting questions as default answers by simply pressing "Enter" key.
  • After the Fink installations are completed, run following to set the terminal session environment depending on the command shell you are using.
    • /sw/bin/ or /sw/bin/init.csh
  • Run following command if you want to allow Fink's unprivileged user to build packages.  (Optional)
    • sudo xcodebuild -license
  • Make Fink selfupdate use rsync to update its package list by running.
    • fink selfupdate-rsync
  • Update Fink packages:
    • fink update-all
  • Install GGobi package:
    • fink install ggobi
  • To run GGobi by entering "/sw/bin/ggobi" or "ggobi" (if "ggobi" doesn't work, you will need to run "/sw/bin/" or "/sw/bin/init.csh")
  • Install rggobi and specific R software built from source: (ex. R-3.4)
    • fink install cran-rggobi-r34
  • To run rggobi from R: (If "R-3.4" doesn't work, you will need to run "/sw/bin/" or "/sw/bin/init.csh")
    • /sw/bin/R-3.4 or R-3.4
  • Run rggobi from RStudio: (You will need to run from terminal window)
    • Set RSTUDIO_WHCIH_R environment variable to the R executable file (ex. /sw/bin/R-3.4)
      • export RSTUDIO_WHICH_R=/sw/bin/R-3.4
    • Run RStudio from command line
      • open /Applications/