Graduate student Subrata Pal wins Outstanding Student Presentation Award Honorable Mention at Conference on A.I. for Environmental Science

March 21, 2022

Subrata Pal delivered a presentation at the 21st Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Science, held as part of the 102nd American Meteorological Society Annual meeting. He was selected as a winner of the Outstanding Student Presentation Award: Honorable Mention. His talk was titled, "Blowin' in the wind- Diagnosing the Probability that a Severe Thunderstorm Wind Report is Truly Due to Sever Intensity Wind Event"

In this NOAA-funded project, he uses machine learning to understand if severe wind damage reports received by the national weather stations are actually caused by severe wind. He found out a massive fraction of the reports are most probably not due to severe wind. The competition also comes with a monetary award.

Congratulations, Subrata!