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How to Connect To Statistics Department Terminal Servers from Windows

NOTE: If you are connecting to our servers from off campus you will need the ISU VPN client. Instructions can be found here.

  • The Remote Desktop Client (RDC) can be found here: All Programs->Accessories->Remote Desktop Connection
  • When you start the Remote Desktop Client you will see this:
  • Let’s configure the client now hit the "Show Options" in the lower left corner and:
  • Enter into the Computer field.
  • Enter IASTATE\YOUR NET_ID_GOES_HERE into the “User Name” field (Replace YOUR_NET_GOES_HERE with your ISU netid).
  • Check the “Allow me to save credentials” box if this is a personal machine.

  • Click “Save As” and save it on your Desktop with a file name of SAS. Now you can double click on the Desktop icon in the future and you should be logged in.
  • Now just click the “Connect” button

  • Enter your password and click "OK"

  • If it asks you about a certificate, click on "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" and then click "Yes" 
  • Happy computing!

For issues with the Remote Desktop connection please contact Statistics IT at stat-tech AT

For issues with ISU’s VPN client, please contact the Solution Center