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Cameron Stocker wins Pitch Off competition

Cameron Stocker, ISU senior in statistics, is a runner-up winner in the LAS Pitch Off competition, held February 10. In the competition, students delivered a 90 second pitch about an idea or business they are working on.

Stocker entered in the Existing Venture category with a social media app he created called Yabble. The app was created to promote more productive conversations in social media and already has 700 users since its launch on January 28.

Yabble tackles issues that come with most social media today, such as overload of political content and the toxicity that comes with political conversations, as well as the lowered self-esteem that comes with trying to compete for “likes”.

Yabble addresses these concerns by dividing content into categories that users can choose to view and participate in. From there, users can “like” and engage in a thread of posts, as opposed to liking individual posts or comments.

Stocker, along with three other LAS winners, will advance to the university-wide competition on February 27.

"It was super exciting to be recognized after all of the hard work that has been put in. We've been able to attract 700 users in just 2 weeks and are excited to continue to build up a community that truly improves the social media experience for everyone,” Stocker said.