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ISU STAT in the News

The work of Lily Wang and her team (including former student Xinyi Li and current students Shan Yu, Myungjin Kim, Yueying Wang, and Zhiling Gu) on COVID-19 is featured in this month's AMSTATNEWS and IMS Bulletin. Thanks for the great work, Lily, and congratulations to you and your team. 

Our former student Karl Pazdernik's work on COVID-19 is also featured in the IMS Bulletin, and recall that former students David Osthus and Brian Weaver are also involved in COVID-19 work that has been featured in the news recently.  Song Chen, Yumou Qiu, and Heike Hofmann have been doing great work as well, and Jarad Niemi's involvement with the COVID-19 forecast hub is currently featured on our department homepage.