2024 International Dinner and Talent Show

The turnout for the International Dinner and Talent Show


Last Saturday, the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University hosted an International Dinner and Talent Show. The event brought together faculty, staff, and students for an evening of culinary delights and entertainment. Attendees enjoyed a pot-luck style dinner featuring a wide array of dishes from around the world.

Following the dinner, the talent show showcased the multifaceted talents of the department's members. From enchanting musical performances by Anna Peterson, Arthur Wang, Siray Zhu, and Haoyang Guo to captivating ensembles featuring Philip and Janet Dixon alongside Marie Hardt, each act provided a glimpse into the passions and interests of the statisticians when they're not crunching numbers.

The event not only celebrated cultural diversity but also highlighted the vibrant talents and sense of community within the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University.

Event Photos
Group photo of the talent show performers.International dinner group photo.Dinner at the International Dinner.Alumni at the International Dinner.Philip and Janet Dixon.Philip and Janet Dixon and Marie Hardt.Violin Duet.Violin Duet.