Spring 2024 Graduate Research Awards from the Department of Statistics

Iowa State University has announced the recipients for the Spring 2024 Graduate Research Excellence Awards. Among these distinguished scholars stand three individuals from the Department of Statistics, whose outstanding research contributions have garnered well-deserved recognition.


Eva Biswas (Nominator: Somak Dutta)

Nomination statement: Eva Biswas has demonstrated outstanding research achievements. She has made remarkable contributions to theory and methods for time series, functional data, Markov random fields, directional statistics, and applications of statistical methods in plant science. She has two published papers, two under major revision, and is working on finishing four more.


Yonghyun Kwon (Nominator: Jae-Kwang Kim)

Nomination statement: Yonghyun has recently completed his PhD. His academic portfolio includes four papers that have been published or accepted in peer-reviewed journals, along with one paper currently under review by the Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA).


Yunhui Qi (Nominator: Peng Liu)

Nomination statement: Yunhui Qi is a dedicated researcher in statistics and a great collaborator with biologists. She has a genuine interest in research and has made significant advancements in several challenging problems in multi-omics data analysis.


Eligible students are those enrolled at Iowa State University and nearing completion of their thesis or dissertation. Candidates embody excellence in research, academic prowess, and a passion for scholarly exploration, showcasing a profound understanding of their field. With strong analytical skills and a commitment to collaboration, they tackle complex research questions with creativity and rigor. Each recipient receives a commendation letter from the Iowa State President, a certificate of achievement, an honor cord for commencement, and an official notation on their transcript.

Join us in congratulating these exemplary scholars from the Department of Statistics for their achievements and contributions to statistical research.