Statistics Department Spring Breakfast

Statistics Graduate Students at the Spring Breakfast

Last Saturday, May 4th, the Statistics Department hosted a Spring Breakfast/Brunch event at Inis Grove Park's Walnut Shelter. Organized by the Statistics Social Committee, the gathering welcomed students, faculty, staff, and their families for a morning filled with delicious food and outdoor fun.

Attendees were treated to a spread. Professor Mark Kaiser prepared his take on Eggs Sofrito. There were also breakfast burrito bowls and freshly made crêpes with various toppings. Starbucks coffee provided the perfect accompaniment to the dishes.

The event buzzed with energy as attendees mingled and socialized, enjoying the opportunity to connect with one another in a relaxed setting. The children in attendance played on the playground nearby, adding to the lively atmosphere.

Overall, the Statistics Department Spring Breakfast/Brunch was a success, bringing together members of the department and their loved ones for a morning together.

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