Undergraduate Students Secure 2nd Place in USPROC

Four students from Iowa State University's Department of Statistics have achieved success in the Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition (USPROC). The team, comprised of Evan Moon, Angel Hastings, Riley Wheeler, and Wyatt Spohn, secured 2nd place in the Intermediate Statistics category for their project titled "Predicting Student Overall Course Grades Using Sex, Midterm Exam Scores, and the Semester and Year the Students Took the Course."

Under the guidance of instructor Laura Ziegler, teaching professor, the project focused on utilizing statistical analysis to forecast student course grades by examining various factors, including sex, midterm exam scores, and the semester and year in which the students took the course. This accomplishment not only underscores the students' technical proficiency but also highlights their ability to apply statistical methods to real-world scenarios.

The USPROC competition, organized by CAUSE and ASA, attracts submissions from undergraduate students globally, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their analytical skills and innovative approaches to data analysis. Iowa State University's success in this prestigious competition speaks volumes about the quality of education and research opportunities available to students within the Department of Statistics.