Xintao Xia, Statistics Graduate Student, Receives IMS Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award

Xintao Xia, a graduate student in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University, has been selected to receive an Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award.

The award is a testament to Xia's academic excellence and dedication to advancing statistical research. As a recipient of this award, Xia will receive financial support covering travel expenses, including airline tickets, accommodations, and registration fees, up to $500.

Participation in the Joint Statistical Meetings provides Xia with valuable opportunities to engage with prominent figures in the statistical community, share his research findings, and explore emerging trends and methodologies. Additionally, the acknowledgment he receives from the IMS Bulletin and the Presidential Address at the BS/IMS World Congress in Bochum highlights the importance of his accomplishment within the statistical field.

Named in honor of James F. Hannan, a distinguished mathematician and Fellow of the IMS, the IMS Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional promise in statistical research. Hannan's contributions to compound decision theory and empirical Bayes decision theory continue to inspire young researchers like Xia, who aspire to make meaningful advancements in the field of statistics.

The Department of Statistics takes pride in Xia's achievement. His upcoming participation in the 2024 Joint Statistical Meetings marks a significant milestone in his academic journey, offering valuable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and development in statistical science.