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  • The Department of Statistics is delighted to announce the elevation of the following faculty members!

  • Several national publications have ranked or recognized Iowa State University for its academic programs, value, commitment to the public good and entrepreneurial spirit. Among the accolades is the U.S. News and World Report’s 19th ranking of the graduate statistics program.

    According to U.S. News and World Report, Iowa State’s statistics program achieved a spot in its rankings after top academics and officials from statistics rated the overall quality of graduate programs with which they were familiar, on a 1-5 scale. A school’s graduate statistics rank is solely determined by the average of scores received from these surveys.

    This ranking is certainly a testimony of the hard work and dedication of the Department's faculty, staff and students. 

  • Subrata Pal delivered a presentation at the 21st Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Science, held as part of the 102nd American Meteorological Society Annual meeting. He was selected as a winner of the Outstanding Student Presentation Award: Honorable Mention. His talk was titled, "Blowin' in the wind- Diagnosing the Probability that a Severe Thunderstorm Wind Report is Truly Due to Sever Intensity Wind Event"

    In this NOAA-funded project, he uses machine learning to understand if severe wind damage reports received by the national weather stations are actually caused by severe wind. He found out a massive fraction of the reports are most probably not due to severe wind. The competition also comes with a monetary award.

    Congratulations, Subrata!

  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has named Sarah Nusser, professor emerita in the Department of Statistics, as a member of the 2021 class of 564 new AAAS Fellows. Those chosen as fellows are recognized "because of their efforts to advance science applications that are deemed scientifically or socially distinguished,” the association announced today. 

    Sarah Nusser, former vice president for research and professor emerita of statistics was chosen, “For leadership in survey statistics, efforts to improve the reusability and impact of publicly accessible research data, and administrative leadership of research activities.”

  • Congratulations to Dae Gyu Jang for being selected as one of the winners of the ASA GSS/SRMS/SSS Student Paper Competition! Dae Gyu will receive a $1000 award and was invited to present his research on A-Optimal Split Questionnaire Designs at the 2022 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM).

    Congratulations Dae Gyu!

  • Congratulations to Guoliang Ma on winning the 2022 ASA Business and Economics Statistics Section Student Paper Award. Guoliang's paper is titled, "Conditional Return Distribution: Quantile Regression with Machine Learning."

    The award-winning students will present their papers at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in a Topic-Contributed session, Winners: Business and Economic Statistics Student Paper Awards, sponsored by the B&E Section. The students will also receive a cash award.

    Congratulations to the Guoliang on an exceptional submission.

  • Carlos Llosa-Vite, who authored the paper "Reduced-Rank Tensor-on-Tensor Regression and Tensor-variate Analysis of Variance," has been selected as the first place winner for the 2022 JSM Section on Imaging Statistics Student Paper Competition. The first place selection won Carlos $1000.

    The paper, a version of which is available here, provides linear regression and analysis of variance procedures for massively-sized responses and covariates that are in the form of arrays (tensors) and does so in a computationally practical framework.

  • The International Association of Survey Statisticians has congratulated Professor Wayne A. Fuller on his 2021 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Small Area Estimation. Fuller was awarded the prize at the International Statistical Institute (ISI) satellite conference “BIG4small: SAE 2021 Conference on big data and small area estimation,” which was held September 20–24, 2021.

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