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  • The department is very pleased to offer our students financial support from the new Ronald J. and S. Dorè Mead Fund for Student Experience in Statistics.

    Miranda Tilberg (née Tilton) (pictured left) worked as a statistical consultant in fall 2020 with the support of the fund. Her favorite projects included detecting manufacturing defects under realistic industrial conditions, modeling harmful algal blooms in lakes, and predicting crop loss in African mangos due to harvest techniques.

    Debosmita Kundu (pictured right) was supported by the fund in fall 2021 to improve probability models for gene sequences in biological samples by using a multi-type branching process. The overall goal of her work is to improve the identification and quantification of gene sequences

  • On September 5th, Department Chair Dan Nettleton hosted a gathering at his house to welcome first-year Statistics graduate students for homemade ice cream.

  • Congratulations to Jiaming Qiu, Matt Stuart, and Yifan Zhu, winners of Research Excellence Awards this fall. Quoting from the Graduate College website: "The purpose of these awards is to recognize graduate students for outstanding research accomplishments as documented in their theses and dissertations. These students are also expected to be academically superior and able not only to do research, but also to develop a well-written product. The intent of this program is to recognize "the best of the best" graduating students who have submitted theses and dissertations."

  • Ranjan Maitra has begun a two-year term as Associate Chair for Research for the Department of Statistics.  The intent of this new position is to support faculty in ways that will strengthen the department's research enterprise and help faculty obtain external funding for their research.  Professor Maitra joined the faculty of the Department of Statistics in 2003.  He is the winner of a National Science Foundation CAREER Award and has received external funding from other federal sponsors, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Institute of Justice, the National Institutes of Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • The department hosted a fall picnic with games and food for students, staff, and faculty. The picnic featured lawn games and boxed lunches in the Maple Shelter at Brookside Park. 

  • The following awards were announced during the department’s welcome seminar on the first day of class (August 23). Pictured below are Charlie Labuzzetta (one of three winners of the Vince Sposito Computing Award) and Eryn Blagg (winner of the Vera David Award).

  • Sebastian McCrimmon is the recipient of the 2021-2022 Wayne A. Fuller Scholarship. McCrimmon joined Iowa State in the fall of 2021 after earning a B.A. in Economics from the University of Southern California. 

  • This semester, the Department is joined by one visiting scholar, Keila Gonzalez Gomez, and three postdoctoral researchers, Seonghun Cho, Yoon-Bae Jun and Stephanie Reinders. Stephanie is working with the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) and Distinguished Professor Alicia Carriquiry, Seonghun is working with LAS Dean's Professor Jae Kwang-Kim, Yoon-Bae is working with LAS Dean's Professor Zhengyuan Zhu and Keila was working with University Professor Derrick Rollins.

  • Professor Danica Ommen co-authored article titled "Use of an Automated System to Evaluate Feature Dissimilarities in Handwriting Under a Two-Stage Evaluative Process." The study repurposed a commercially available automated system to generate empirical distributions for ranking feature dissimilarity scores among pairs of handwritten phrases.

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