EMail client (Evolution) for Linux users: (2/8/2019)

If you are using Thunderbird as you mail client, you will need to use Evolution client instead. The setup instructions can be found from Evolution Mail (Linux Users).

Email client list compatible with Okta:

Okta MFA (MultiFactor Authentication): (update: 1/25/2019)

ITS has set a target date (March 1, 2019) for 100% of employees to enroll Okta in MFA.  Detail instructions on how to enroll can be found from https://www.workcyte.iastate.edu/ready--set--learn-/employee/okta.  More information about Okta can be found from https://www.workcyte.iastate.edu/about/about-workcyte/okta.

Several quick activation instructions available here.

Okta information (2/23/2018)

On March 1, ISU log-in page will look slightly different: It makes Okta the primary login for web applications.  Below are some useful information related to the Okta.

  • For those who were unable to attend the Okta demo yesterday, here is a link to the video:


  • For those who would like written instructions or short pre-made videos on enrollment:


  • Here is the link to the Inside Iowa State article from yesterday:


  • Finally, here is the link to Okta itself: