Alicia Carriquiry

Distinguished Professor

Recent Publications:

  • Love, T., and Carriquiry, A.L (2009), 'Incorporating multiple cDNA microarray scans into analyses--an application to maize embryogenesis', JASA Vol. 104, Pages 524-540.
  • Yang, L., Song, G., Carriquiry, A.L., and Jernigan, R. 2008 (2008), 'Close correspondence between the essential protein motions from principal component analysis of multiple HIV-1 protease structures and elastic network modes.', Structure Vol. 16, Pages 321-330.
  • Li, W., Carriquiry, A.L., Pawlovich, M. and Welch (2008), 'The choice of statistical models in road safety countermeasure effectiveness studies in Iowa.', Accident Analyses and Prevention Vol. 40, Pages 1531-1542.
  • Welk, G.J., Calabro, M.A., Carriquiry, A.L., Nusser, S.M (2007), 'Validation of a Computerized 24 Hour Physical Activity Recall (24PAR) Instrument Using Pattern Recognition Monitors', Med Sci Sports Exerc Vol. 39, Pages S28.
Area of Expertise: 
Linear models
Bayesian statistics
general methods.
PhD, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 1989 1985
MS, Univ of IL at Urbana (1985)/ ISU (1986), Illinois (1985) / Iowa (1986),
BS, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay, 1981