Dianne Cook

Dianne Cook

  • Professor Emerita



  • PhD, Rutgers University, 1993
  • MS, Rutgers University, 1990
  • BS, University of New England, N.S.W. Australia, 1982

Recent Publications:

  • Mosley, L., Cook, D., Hofmann, H., Kielion, C., and Schloerke, B (2010), 'Monitoring the Election Visually', Chance Vol. 23, No. 3, Pages online.
  • Hobbs, J., Wickham, H., Hofmann, H. and Cook, D (2010), 'Glaciers Melt as Mountains Warm: A Graphical Case Study', Computational Statistics Vol. 25, No. 3, Pages 569-586.
  • Cook, D. , Incorporating Exploratory Methods using Dynamic Graphis into Multivariate Statistics Classes: Curriculum Development. In Quality research in literacy and science education: International perspectives and gold standards., In M. C. Shelley II, L. D. Yore, & B. Hand (Eds.), (eds), Springer/Dordrecht, The Netherlands,
    See also: http://www.springer.com/us/
  • Buja, A., Cook, D., Hofmann, H., Lawrence, M., Lee, E.-K., Swayne, D. F, Wickham, H (2009), 'Statistical Inference for Exploratory Data Analysis and Model Diagnostics', Royal Society Philosophical Transactions A.