Jae-Kwang Kim


Recent Publications:

  • J.K. Kim and J.N.K. Rao (2012), 'Combining data from two independent surveys: a model-assisted approach', Biometrika Vol. 99, Pages 85-100. 
  • Z. Ming and J.K. Kim (2012), 'An efficient method of estimation for longitudinal surveys with monotone missing data', Biometrika , Pages 631-648. 
  • Jae-kwang Kim (2011), 'Parametric fractional imputation for missing data analysis', Biometrika Vol. 98, Pages 119-132. 
  • J.K. Kim and C.L. Yu (2011), 'A semi-parametric estimation of mean functionals with non-ignorable missing data', Journal of the American Statistical Association Vol. 106, Pages 157-165. 
  • J.K. Kim, W.A. Fuller, and W.R. Bell (2011), 'Variance estimation for nearest neighbor imputation for U.S. Census long form data',Annals of Applied Statistics Vol. 5, Pages 824-842. 
Area of Expertise: 
PhD, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 2000;
MS, Seoul National University, Korea, 1993;
BS, Seoul National University, Korea, 1991