Peng Liu

Associate Professor

Recent Publications:

  • Yaqing Si and Peng Liu (2013), 'An Optimal Test with Maximum Average Power While Controlling FDR with Application to RNA-seq Data', Biometrics Accepted
  • X. Chen, P. Liu, H-H. Chou (2013), 'Whole-genome thermodynamic analysis reduces siRNA off-target effects', PLoS ONE , Pages 8(3): e58326. 
  • Yaqing Si, Peng Liu, Pinghua Li, and Thomas Brutnell (2013), 'Model-based clustering of RNA-seq dat', Bioinformatics Accepted
  • Will Landau and Peng Liu (2013), 'Dispersion Estimation and Its Effect on Test Performance in RNA-seq Data Analysis: A Simulation-Based Comparison of Methods', PLoS ONE Accepted
  • Zuowei Wu, Orhan Sahin, Zhangqi Shen, Peng Liu, Willium G. Miller and Qijing Zhang (2013), 'Multi-omics approaches to deciphering a hypervirulent strain of Campylobacter jejuni', in Genome Biology and Evolution Accepted
Area of Expertise: 
PhD, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2006