Peng Liu

Peng Liu

  • Professor


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  • PhD, Cornell University, 2006

Selected Publications:

  • Z. Qiao, E. Barnes, S. Tringe, D. Schachtman, and P. Liu* (2023), Hurdle Poisson model-based clustering for microbiome data, Bioinformatics, 39(1), btac782,  
  • D. C. Walker, Z. R. Lozier, R. Bi, P. Kanodia, W. A. Miller and P. Liu* (2023), Variational inference for detecting differential translation in ribosome profiling studies, Frontiers in Genetics, Volume 14,
  • J. C. Berry, M. Qi, B. V. Sonawane, A. Sheflin, A. B. Cousins, J. Prenni, D. P. Schachtman, P. Liu, R. S. Bart (2022), Increased signal to noise ratios within experimental field trials by regressing spatially distributed soil properties as principal components, eLife 11:e70056.
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  • M. I. Natukundaa, M. B. Mantilla-Pereza,b, M. A. Grahama,c, P. Liu, and M. G. Salas-Fernandez (2022), Dissection of canopy layer-specific genetic control of leaf angle in Sorghum bicolor by RNA sequencing, BMC Genomics, 23, 95
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