William Q Meeker

Distinguished Professor

Recent Publications:

  • Gao, C., Meeker, W. Q., and Mayton, D (2012), 'Detecting Cracks in Aircraft Engine Fan Blades Using Vibrothermography Nondestructive Evaluation', Reliability Engineering & System Safety Accepted
  • Weaver, B., Meeker, W.Q., Escobar, L.A., and Wendelberger, J.R. (2012), 'Methods For Planning Repeated Measures Degradation Studies', Technometrics Accepted
  • Li, M., Meeker, W. Q., and Hovey, P (2012), 'Using a Bayesian Model to Jointly Estimate the Flaw Size Distribution and the POD Function', Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Accepted
  • Shi, Y. and Meeker, W. Q (2012), 'Bayesian Methods for Accelerated Destructive Degradation Test Planning', IEEE Transactions on Reliability Accepted
  • Gao, C. and Meeker, W. Q. (2012), 'A Statistical Method for Crack Detection using Vibrothermography Inspection Data', Quality Technology and Quantitative Management Vol. 9, Pages 59-77. 
Area of Expertise: 
PhD, Union College, 1975;
MS, Union College, 1973;
BS, Clarkson College of Technology, 1972;