Philip Dixon featured on podcast "Stats + Stories"

April 22, 2022

Today's Earth Day episode of the Stats + Stories podcast features Philip Dixon, Professor in the Department of Statistics. Visit the Stats + Stories site to listen. While you are there, you might also enjoy episodes 91 and 98 featuring Alicia Carriquiry and episode 21 with ISU Statistics PhD Dennis Lock. 

The episode with Philip Dixon is titled, "Ecological and Environmental Stats for Earth Day." 

Episode description: Earth day was launched in 1970 in the aftermath of several environmental disasters in the publication of Rachel Carson Silent Spring. It was designed to help raise awareness of environmental issues and has since grown into a global event. With this year's Earth Day taking out a particular urgency in light of the most recent UN Climate Report. But what goes into the scientific research that informs some this activism? What statistical tools are used to better understand the health of our environment? That's the focus of this episode of staffs and stories with guest Philip Dixon.