Statistics Minor for PhD Students



  • Include one faculty member with some appointment in Statistics on the POS committee as a minor representative.
  • Complete a minimum of 4 Statistics courses, including STAT 587, 588, and at least two elective courses (of at least 3 credits each) at the 400 level or higher*.
  • Receive at least a B grade in both STAT 587 and 588, and a grade point average for the four courses of at least 3.33 (B+).

Note: STAT 500 can be substituted for STAT 587, but only one of the two courses can be used for Minor credit. Similarly, STAT 542 and STAT 543 can substitute for STAT 588. If you take 542 and 543 instead of 588, you will still need two electives (for a total of 5 courses) to complete the Minor requirements. 


*The courses offered previously as STAT 401 and STAT 447 are now listed as STAT 587 and STAT 588, respectively, effective Fall 2018. As of Fall 2020, most 400-level electives intended for STAT minors and other non-major graduate students have been renumbered and dually-listed to include a 500-level section. You should register for the 500-level section in these electives.

The requirements for the minor remain the same as before, and the 500-level course content has not been made more difficult; the course numbers have been updated to adhere to Graduate College policies, to avoid exceeding the 400-level credit limit of 10 on a Program of Study.


MS Minor Requirements