Student News

Congratulations to our Recent B.S. Graduates


Spring 2023

  • Tyler Barber (major: STAT)
  • Yangfan Cai (degrees: DS, STAT)
  • Stephen Captarencu** (major: STAT)
  • Caroly Coronado-Vargas (major: STAT, minor: DS)
  • Joshua Decker (major: STAT, minor: GBUS)
  • Jack Foster (majors: MATH/STAT)
  • Zijin Huang (major: STAT)
  • Claire Johnson (major: STAT, minor: DS)
  • Truman Kruse (major: STAT)
  • Macy Lembeck* (majors: STAT/MATH)
  • Chase Lovell (major: STAT)
  • Grace Maller (major: STAT)
  • Austin Scheuring* (major: STAT)
  • Ashlan Simpson** (degrees: STAT, ECON, MATH, minor: DS)
  • Isabel Wheeler (major: STAT, minors: DS, PSYCH)
  • Xiangming Zhou (degrees: AGRON, STAT)

Fall 2022

  • Tian Fan (majors: STAT, MATH)
  • Matthew Hoferitza (major: STAT, minor: DS)
  • Dongjoon Ko (major: STAT)
  • Vikrant Sant (majors: STAT, ECON)
  • Alexander Schell (major: STAT)
  • Jakub Tomczyk* (majors: STAT, ECON)
  • Harry Zimmermann** (major: STAT, minor: GER)

*Cum Laude - Overall GPA 3.50 to 3.69
**Magna Cum Laude - Overall GPA 3.70 to 3.89
***Summa Cum Laude - Overall GPA 3.90 to 4.00