Tetsuro Motoyama, 1978 Bancroft Award Winner, pays visit to Snedecor Hall 43 years later

June 23, 2021

Tetsuro Motoyama dropped by the department in May to say hello.  Dr. Motoyama earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and Statistics at ISU and was the co-winner (with Paul Gibson) of the Bancroft Award in 1978.  The Bancroft Award honors T. A. Bancroft, who was department head and director of the Statistical Laboratory from 1950-1972.  The Bancroft Award is given to the most outstanding Ph.D. candidate with a co-major or minor in Statistics.  Dr. Motoyama is pictured here in the main office next to the plaque that records the names of the Bancroft Award winners from 1973 to the present.