Steps to enroll students in a canvas course and publish the course to students: (instructions provided by Somak Dutta)

  • Go to the ? Help icon on the Global Navigation to the far left, and then click on Global Course Administration link.
  • Use your netid and password to log in if prompted. You will need to authorize ISU AdminTools to continue.

  • Click on Prepare to Teach.

  • Change the term in the drop down menu to the desired term and click the Change Term button.
    You will then see a list of the courses you are teaching for the selected term. Next to each class will be an "Enroll Students" button and a "Publish Course" button.

  • Click the "Enroll Students" button to enroll students.

  • Click the "Publish Course" button to publish the course to students.

Student enrollment will begin to populate in the course the week before the semester begins and will update each morning. You will not see student enrollments until the week before class.