Statistical Consulting


We will provide assistance by Skype, Zoom, WebEx, or e-mail.  Please send in requests using the online form found at the bottom of this page (no change from current practice).  A consultant will contact you to determine how best to work with you. We briefly describe what we do and do not do below, but a more extensive document provides a guide to our expectations

What we do:

  • research design, sample size calculations
  • choosing statistical methods
  • use of statistical computing packages (R, SAS, and some JMP) to analyze data
  • interpretation of results

What we do not do:

  • teach basic statistical methods; we expect you to have taken STAT 401/587 or an equivalent course.
  • help with your statistics homework: please see your course TA.
  • last minute projects with short deadlines – it is the responsibility of the researcher to provide ample time for statistical analysis – depending on the complexity of the problem and the current workload, a few weeks may be required.

College-specific consulting services (updated Fall 2021)

Government and non-profit organizations in the local community can request statistical consulting through Statistics in the Community (StatCom), a student-based community outreach program that serves local communities throughout the nation. For researchers interested in developing and analyzing surveys, please see the Survey & Behavioral Research Services (SBRS) and the Center for Survey Statistics & Methodology (CSSM).

To obtain a consultation:

  • Make an appointment online (Your computer must be either on the ISU campus network or connected to it via VPN.) (You should be contacted within 24 hours). Please familiarize yourself with our expectations
  • We get no support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the College of Human Sciences. We will assist students, staff, and faculty from those colleges when we have time and the appropriate expertise. Please submit a request and we will advise whether we can help.