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Undergraduate Minor


Statistics is used in the study of many other disciplines, like agriculture, chemistry, business, economics, finance, mathematics, psychology, sociology, and criminal justice, just to name a few. To goal of the Undergraduate Minor in Statistics is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply statistical methods, theory, and/or computing to their fields of study. Students completing the minor find they are more marketable for internships and job openings and for future study in graduate school in their discipline.

    Requirements for the Undergraduate Minor in Statistics

    • Introductory Level Course: Complete one course from: STAT 101, STAT 104, STAT 105 (2019-20 catalog or earlier), STAT 201, STAT 226, STAT 231, STAT 305, STAT 322 or STAT 330
    • Intermediate Level Course: Complete one course from: STAT 301 or STAT 326
    • Electives: Complete at least 9 additional credits from: STAT 341, STAT 342, STAT 347, STAT 361, STAT 471, STAT 472, STAT 473, STAT 474, STAT 475, STAT 476, STAT 477, STAT 478, STAT 482, STAT 483, STAT 484, STAT 486

    Students earning the minor must complete at least 15 credits in statistics, of which at least 9 credits must not be used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement. Courses taken for a minor may not be taken on a pass-no pass (P-NP) basis.

    The specific courses chosen to fulfill the requirements of the minor will depend on your major(s) and interests. Your academic advisor(s) and professors in your major(s) can assist you in selecting appropriate electives. In choosing courses to complete your minor, please see the course descriptions here and make sure to pay close attention to course prerequisites.

    For questions or to declare the Undergraduate Minor in Statistics, please email Ignacio Alvarez - Undergraduate Academic Advisor at