Room Scheduling

Room Reservation Form
If short notice you may call 294-1076, or 294-5044 to schedule a room over the phone.

Departmental Classrooms/Labs

Snedecor 1105 (Large Computer Lab)

Snedecor 3121 (Medium Computer Lab)

Snedecor 3105 (Classroom)

Gilman 2272 (Large Computer Lab)


Departmental Conference Rooms

Snedecor 1221 (Small Conference Room) (3)

Snedecor 2221 (Small Conference Room) (3)

Snedecor 3221 (Small Conference Room) (3)

Snedecor 1109 (Medium Conference Room)(1,2)

Snedecor 2102 (Medium Conference Room)(1,2)

Snedecor 2113 (Large Conference Room)(1,2)

(1) Telephone capability (2) Overhead Projector (3) Large Screen LCD


Grad Conference Rooms


Snedecor 1205 (East Grad Conference Room)

Snedecor 2205 (East Grad Conference Room)

Snedecor 3205 (East Grad Conference Room)


Snedecor 1404 (West Grad Conference Room)

Snedecor 2404 (West Grad Conference Room)

Snedecor 3404 (West Grad Conference Room)


Testing Rooms

Snedecor 2104 (East Testing Room)

Snedecor 2106 (Middle Testing Room)

Snedecor 2110 (West Testing Room)

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Important Information:

  1. After hours the conference rooms are available for group study, etc. The projectors and other equipment in the room are not to be used except for scheduled events.
  2. During working hours the conference rooms are not to be used except for scheduled events.
  3. The IT Section (2123 Snedecor) other equipment that may be checked out for presentations, meetings, etc.
  4. Each conference room has a desktop computer for use during sessions.
  5. Reserve the rooms early and meet with IT staff to go over your requirements to ensure that the session will go smoothly.