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Snedecor 2123 - STAT IT Support OfficesFor support requests, contact

DO NOT Email directly, as it will not create a ticket which is REQUIRED going forward.

Contact via WebEx:

Latest News:  Security Reminder   [Software Center (Windows) and Self Service (Mac) are only available to ISU owned computers.]

  • 2020.7.1: R 4.0.2 for Windows is available from Software Center
  • 2020.7.1: JMP PRO 15.1 updater is available with new licensing via Software Center
  • 2020.7.1: RStudio


    has been installed via Software Center

  • 2020.1.8: R 3.6.2 for Windows is available from Software Center
  • 2019.10.31: JMP PRO 15 is available via Software Center, Self Service and
  • 2019.8.21:
    •  JMP PRO 14.3  updaters are available from both Software Center and Self Service
    • Box Drive 2.8.207 is available from Software Center
  • 2019.5.23 Sunset of ISU Public Websites EOL ISU Public Sites
  • 2019.5.15 The Papercut server has been upgraded to PapercutMF 19.0.3 
    • 32-bit clients are no longer supported with PapercutMF 19.  PaperCut Client 18.3.8 is the last 32-bit client that exists – it will work for now, but will not receive future patches or updates. 
  • 2019.3.29: MatLab R2019a is available from Software Center.
  • 2019.3.27:
    • Box Drive 2.4.153 is available from Software Center.
    • MatLab R2019a is available from Software Center.
  • 2019.3.14:
    • R for Windows 3.5.3 is available from Software Center and Self Service.
    • Top Hat Presentation Tool is available from Software Center.
  • 2019.2.28: Google Drive File Stream is available from Self Service.
  • 2019.2.27: Google Drive File Stream is available from Software Center.
  • 2019.2.22: the following software are available from Software Center.
    • Git for Windows 2.20.1
    • VirtualBox 6.0.4 (x64) and VirtualBox Extension Pack for 6.0.4
    • VcXsrv Windows X Server
  • 2019.2.20: Tophat Presenter Tool 6.2 is available from Self Service.
  • 2019.2.11: Update your iPhone now to fix FaceTime security flaw. See here for detail.
  • 2019.2.8: If you are running Thunderbird as mail client on Linux, please go to Evolution Mail (Linux Users) page on how to set up Evolution mail with MFA.
  • 2019.2.7: WinSCP 5.13.7, Box Drive 2.3.175, and Box Tools are available from Software Center.
  • 2019.2.5:
    • JMP PRO 14.2 is available from both Software Center and Self Service.
    • Notepad++ 7.6.3 is available from Software Center.

Archive News: IT Support Archive News

Looking for the U or T drives? Mapping Network Drives

Welcome to Statistics IT! We are located in 2123 Snedecor Hall.

We support several public access computing labs in both Snedecor and Gilman Halls, provide campus-wide assistance with statistical software, and general computing assistance for Statistics department personnel. For more information on a specific topic, see the pages linked below.

Statistical Software

File downloads and installation instructions for SAS and JMP can be found here. Both installers are quite large so please make sure you are using the best connection you have access to.


Statistics IT maintains several Windows servers in support of computing labs and research. We are using the Slurm resource management system to balance job distribution across research servers. Information can be found here on our Statistics Slurm page, while more general information and examples can be found on Slurm's website or the LAS Research IT site here:

Linux Server Resources



Connecting to ISU's VPN is necessary for off-campus access to many network resources. A guide for downloading and connecting via the recommended client is available from ITS here:


Several printers are available in Snedecor and Gilman Halls for general use. Printing for teaching purposes should be coordinated through Denise Riker.

Room Scheduling

Conference rooms and computer labs of many sizes can and should be reserved in advance. Calendars and a reservation form can be found at the link. When you are done with a room make sure the projector is turned off!

Laptop Reservation

A small selection of laptops and tablets are available for reservation for teaching purposes.

HPC Resources

Statistics department personnel have access to multiple HPC clusters at ISU for research processing purposes. Please contact for more information or to have an account create for you.  Once your account has been created, please "ssh <netid>" with your NetID and an email with be sent to you with further access instructions (or visit  To reset Google Authenticator for Condo Users by visiting

Data Storage Space (LSS)

To back up your research data, the Research IT provides Large Scale Storage (LSS) research file storage service for faculty and staff.  Detail information can be found from

Computer Labs

Statistics maintains three computing labs in Snedecor Hall and one in Gilman Hall. Labs are available for public use whenever the buildings are open and a class in not in session. For more information on specific labs click the link above, and for reservation or scheduling use the Room Reservation system.

Graduate Student IT Orientation

Incoming graduate students attend an orientation session led by departmental IT staff that familiarizes them with a variety of computing resources available to the department.

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application

Adobe Creative Cloud license is changed from serializing to naming license.  For all faculty/Staff, please use Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application program to install Adobe Creative Cloud products. Please check the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application to see the instructions.


CyBox is the cloud space provided by ISU.  You can find more information how to mount the CyBox storage space.


This shows the comparison of CyBox vs LSS (Large Scale Storage).

Password Management

It is important to update your password regularly to protect your information and university data.