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Printing And Copying

Available Network Printers/Copiers:

PaperCut Printers:

Printer Name Location Cost Duplex? Duplex Cost
\\\SNEDH-1105-bw-left Sned 1105 Left 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\SNEDH-1105-bw-right Sned 1105 Right 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\SNEDH-1105-bw-virtual Sned 1105 Left/Right 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\SNEDH-1207-bw Sned 1207 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\SNEDH-3105-bw Sned 3105 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\SNEDH-3121-bw Sned 3121 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\SNEDH-1211-mfp-estudio657 Sned 1211 1 units/page Yes 1 units/page
\\\GILMAN-2272-bw-left Gilman 2272 Left 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\GILMAN-2272-bw-right Gilman 2272 Right 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\GILMAN-2272-bw-virtual Gilman 2272 Left/Right 5 units/page Yes 5 units/page
\\\GILMAN-2272-color Gilman 2272 Left 15 units/page Yes 12 units/side

Notes on Printing

  • Duplexing is the default for all Snedecor PaperCut printers.

Graduate Student Copier

  • There are two queues for the graduate student copier.
  • For department or course related work TAs, faculty and staff can use “\\\SNEDH-1211-mfp-estudio657-nocharge” for no charge.  If the above printer is not shown on your Devices and Printers list, you can simply add a network printer and specify the shared printer name with "\\\SNEDH-1211-mfp-estudio657-nocharge".
  • The other queue is “\\\SNEDH-1211-mfp-estudio657” and can be used for 5 unit/page.

How to Add PaperCut Printers on Windows

Papercut Mobility Print Instructions


How to Add PaperCut Printers on Linux

  • Install Java 8.0+

Java version 8.0 or higher is required. Your Linux distribution might have Java pre-installed or have the option to install. If no Java option exists, Oracle provides a self-install Java distribution for Linux and other major Unix platforms.

Ensure Java 8.0 is installed and the JAVAHOME environment variable is defined on the PATH.

  • Copy the Papercut Client
    1. Open the Files program from the desktop Accessories menu and choose Other Locations -> Connect to Server. In the Server Address field, enter smb:// and log in with your NetID and Password when prompted.
    2. If you are logged in correctly, you should see several files:
      • lib/
      • version.txt
    3. Copy all of these files (and the lib directory) to a common location on your system.  The preferred path is /opt/papercut.
    4. Change the permission of the script to ensure all users can run it.  Use the following command in the Terminal:
      • sudo chmod -R 755 /opt/papercut/
    5. If you would like the PaperCut Client to launch automatically when a user logs in, you can create an autostart script for PaperCut in /etc/xdg/autostart.  Using a text editor, create the file /etc/xdg/autostart/papercut.desktop with the following lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Print Balance

  • Add a printer
    1. From the terminal and logged in as root, enter system-config-printer.
    2. Click on the Add button.
    3. Yo may be prompted to Adjust Firewall.  Click on Do It Later, and don't do it later.  You should not need to modify your firewall at all if you are using an LPD-enabled print queue.
    4. Select Device
      • Click on Network Printer -> LPD/LPR Host or Printer.
      • In the Host: field enter papercut server:
      • In the Queue: field, enter the papercut queue name.  For example, SNEDH-1211-mfp-estudio657-nocharge.  (see above for printer queue name)
      • Click Forward to continue.
    5. Choose Driver
      • Select Select printer from database and select your printer manufacturer.
      • Click Forward to continue.
      • Select your printer model from the listed models and select the recommended driver.
      • Click Forward to continue.
    6. Installable Options
      • If offered the option Duplexer installed, select this option.
      • Accept/Install other options as you see fit.
      • Click Forward to continue.
    7. Describe Printer
      • In the Printer Name field, enter the PaperCut queue name.
      • In the Description field, enter a description
      • In the Location field, enter the location
      • Click Apply to create.
  • To print
    1. Login to your Linux X11 session with your NetID.  If you did not login with your NetID, the Papercut Job Notification window will not pop up.
    2. If the Papercut client does not launch automatically, you will need to run "" from /opt/papercut folder and enter your NetID and password on PCClient Login window.
    3. If you received following error message on Ubuntu while running, then comment out "assistive_technologies=org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper" on following files.
      • /etc/java-8-openjdk/
      • /etc/java-11-openjdk/
    4. Open your application and print your documents.