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Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the undergraduate program in Statistics at Iowa State University! Our program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics plus a minor in Statistics. A Statistics degree can create a large variety of opportunities in your professional future.

Our degrees are designed to serve the needs of students who wish to pursue a career after completing a B.S. degree as well as students with an interest in graduate education. We offer a broad variety of classes taught by dedicated and experienced faculty and our coursework is designed to provide solid training in statistical methods and scientific applications.

Currently we have about 100 undergraduate students enrolled in our B.S. degree program, making our undergraduate program one of the largest in the United States.

If you find yourself asking why you should study Statistics and what a degree in statistics might do for you, then you are at the right site. This site will provide you with important information about our degree program as well as schedules for upcoming events and activities. The site also offers easy access to links and other useful information regarding the main aspects of the program.


Undergraduate Students