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About STAT

Welcome to the Department of Statistics and the Statistical Laboratory.

The Statistical Laboratory, established by George W. Snedecor in 1933, was the first of its kind in the nation. The Department of Statistics was established in 1947 and it is housed in Snedecor Hall on the Iowa State University Campus in Ames, Iowa. The primary mission of the Department and the Statistical Laboratory is the advancement of statistical knowledge.



Main Office

  • The Department of Statistics main office is located in 1121 Snedecor Hall. Directions
    • ​Department Chair: Dan Nettleton
    • Associate Chair: Petruța Caragea
    • Administrative Assistant II: Kathy Kiesling 
    • Graduate Student Services Specialist: TBD
    • Communications Specialist: TBD

Undergraduate Offices

  • Undergraduate Secretary (3113 Snedecor): Denise Riker
  • Director of Undergraduate Education (3109 Snedecor): Amy Froelich 

IT Offices

The Statistics IT Department is located in 2123 Snedecor

Contact email:


  • Snedecor Hall has (1) classroom (3105 Snedecor Hall). 
  • Sometimes 3121 Snedecor Hall is used as a classroom.

Conference Rooms