Terminal Server: How To

These servers are for teaching purposes:

How To Connect to the Terminal Servers

  • The Terminal Servers are acccessed via a Remote Desktop Client. Clients are built into MS Windows XP, Vista,7,8 and can be found here for Linux.
  • If you are using the Microsoft Windows then go here for instructions here Note that the XP version of this is identical except for the Security Warning on the last tab. After installing the Mac and Unix versions the options are very much alike.
  • Connecting to ISU's VPN is necessary for off-campus access. A guide for downloading and connecting via the recommended client is available from ITS here.



The Department of Statistics operates Terminal Servers.

  1. sas.stat.stat.iastate.edu is the default TS for our public computing labs.
    1. These machines are only accessible on campus. If you are off campus you will need to install and use the ISU Cisco VPN client with can be installed using info found here
    2. Termination Policies:
      • After 1 day disconnected sessions are logged off
    3. Please limit your use of these machines to one long running job at a time and log into the machine with the least load.
    4. If your usage of these machines interferes with the teaching of labs or of other valid usage by students you will logged off. Continued abuse and your ability to login to these machines will be revoked.
    5. Each machine can support dozens of users, here are the current usage statistics
  2. gs.stat.iastate.edu is reserved for the graduate students in the Statistics Department. Like the lab machines it is not available off campus unless you are using VPN.