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Statistics Department Reading Room

The Statistics Department has provided a collection of statistical publications frequently used by those doing research and/or involved with courses in statistics. This is called the Statistics Department Reading Room and this facility is a great convenience and benefit for those studying statistics at ISU. The reading room receives no support from ISU Libraries and is entirely supported by donations from alumni and friends.

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Reading Room Information

Location and Use

The Statistics Department Reading Room is on the second floor of Snedecor Hall, room 2101 furnished with tables and chairs. It contains statistical journals, statistical tables, reprints, preprints and reference material relating to statistics. These may be checked out subject to the regulations given below.

Reference Material

  • A. Books
    • 1. Books are arranged alphabetically by authors. last names. These books are primarily graduate level materials.
    • 2. There are books called BAPPSS (Books Authored by Past and Present Staff and Students) locked behind glassed shelves. These books were authored and donated by former or current faculty and students. Main office staff will help you obtain access, however, these books must remain in the Reading Room and may not be checked out.
  • B. Journals (and Serials)
    • The following journals can be found in the Reading Room:
      The American Statistician; AMSTAT NEWS; The Annals of Applied Probability; The Annals of Applied Statistics; The Annals of Probability; The Annals of Statistics; Applied Statistics (JRSS, Series C); Biometric Bulletin (IBS); Biometrics; Biometrika; Biostatistics; Chance; Current Index to Statistics (on-line subscription); The Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin (IMS); International Statistical Review; Journal of Agricultural Biological & Environmental Statistics; Journal of the American Statistical Association; Journal of Applied Probability; Journal of Business & Economic Statistics; Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics; Journal of Educational & Behavioral Statistics; Journal of Multivariate Analysis (1971-1999 only); Journal of Official Statistics; Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A – Statistics in Society); Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series B – Statistical Methodology); Significance – Magazine of JRSS; Statistical Science; STATS . The Magazine for Students in Statistics; Tamkang Journal of Mathematics (current year); The Statistician (JRSS – Series D)(1993-2003); Teaching Statistics; Technometrics.
  • C. Preprints
    • This series was established in July of 1985. The on-line series range from 1994 . current. Listings can be found on the web.
  • D. Dissertations
    • Dissertations from our students are also available.
  • E. Miscellaneous References
    • Materials found on the wooden display case:
      • a. The latest edition of each journal subscribed to by the Reading Room
      • c. Dictionaries of statistical terms
      • d. SAS and JMP manuals.
  • F. Stored Material/References (not complete list)
    • Annals of Mathematical Statistics (Split into 2 journals in 1972, Annals of Probability & Annals of Statistics);
    • Journal of Educational Statistics (Name changed in 1995 to Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics)
  • G. Regulations
    • 1. Hours: Open to all statistics faculty and graduate students 24 hours, 7 days in a week with their access card/key.
    • 2. Area of Use: Books must be checked out and used in offices in Snedecor Hall. Journals & BAPPSS books must be used only in the reading room and may not be checked out. Those without an office can check books out only overnight.
  • H. Instructions for Checking Out a Book
    • Computer-assisted Check-out & Renew System:
      • 1. Log in using your ISU Net-ID and Password.
      • 2. Type the “TITLE” AND/OR “AUTHOR” of the book for which you are searching then click on the “SEARCH BUTTON”.
      • 3. A list of books will appear on the bottom of the page. Click the “CO” (check out) button on the left side of the book you wish to check out.
      • 4. You have successfully checked out a book for a period of one month. The due date will appear in the box on the left side. Be sure to completely exit the Web browser when you are finished.
      • 5. All checked out books must be returned to the main office during regular office hours (Work Room area above file to right of copier). The book will be checked-in and re-shelved.
      • 6. You may “renew” a book just as you checked one out by only hitting the “renew” button on the right. Renewal time is one additional month.
  • Notes: The second line of search pull downs allow you to search for words in the title or authors name. “List All” lists all the pubs in the database and allows you to sort by title or author. If a book is already checked out you can request the book be returned by left clicking the “REQ” button. If the BAPPSS record is shown for a book you want to check out, you need to get a staff in the main office (1121 Snedecor) to unlock the glass shelves for you