CyBox vs LSS

CyBox vs LSS

The Iowa State University provides many storage space for researchers to store their research data.  So, which storage space should I use?  The CyBox is provided to faculty, staffs, and students.  The LSS (Large Scale Storage), however, is provided by the LAS college to LAS researchers.  Below is a comparison of both storage service.

Features LSS (Large Scale Storage) CyBox
Grant user permission: Required to be set by Research IT

Set by the owner of CyBox account and add one by one.

It can't be granted with AD security group or ASW List.

Folder permission/security:
  • All users granted to access have the same permission. 
  • Not able to set different access permission according to folder/subfolders.
Can grant folder/subfolders permission per user/users.  That means you can create separate folder for your students and only grant that student to access particular folder.
  • Currently the snapshots are enabled manually.  In the future, users can access about 60 days worth of snapshots automatically.
  • The restore process can be done through the previous versions tab in Windows.
The restore process can be done through website.  According to Box Community website, the version history limit as an enterprise user would be 100.  For business and business plus users, it's 50 and personal pro is 10.
Storage space: 2TB (free), $40/TB/year after 2TB Unlimited
User scope (assigned): ISU NetID only Anyone with account
Access from: Require ISU VPN connection first Anywhere with internet connection
Collaborators: Must have ISU NetID Anyone with account