Statistical Software JMP

  • JMP is available at no charge to ISU faculty, staff and students for the Mac and Windows platforms. Linux is no longer supported by JMP. The guides below are for Mac and Windows users.
  • We currently have JMP PRO version licenses for 17.x,16.x. Older versions of JMP Pro 15 or 14 can be licensed upon request.
  • The current license runs from July 1 through June 30, you’ll need to update the license file annually unless you do a complete reinstall.
  • Students taking classes in the Statistics Department should use JMP 17.1 Pro.
    Go to the following Links to the installers to download.
  • Installation, license and updater files can be found here: JMP Software.

Computers owned by ISU:

JMP now can be installed from Software Center (Windows) and Self Service (Mac) for computers owned by Iowa State University.  If you do not see JMP on either Software Center or Self Service, please contact your local IT support to assistance.

Instructions for installation:

Instructions for MacOS

Instructions for Windows

Installation Videos:

JMP Pro 17 for MacOs

JMP Pro 17 for Windows

Updating your JMP license:

Instructions for mac

Instructions for Windows

Links to the installers [Also included Links to license update]:

Installation for Windows & Mac users    [License files are also available here please right click and download the license file for the version of JMP you have installed.]  Please be patient the download process may take several minutes to finish.


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