Kenneth J Koehler

Kenneth J Koehler

  • University Professor Emeritus



  • PhD, University of Minnesota, 1977;
  • BS, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 1972


  • Director of the Statistical Laboratory

Recent Publications:

  • Alekel, D. Lee, Marta D Van Loan, Kenneth Koehler, Laura N. Hanson, Jeanne W. Stewart, Kathy B Hanson, Mindy S Kurzer, and C Theodore Peterson (2010), 'The Soy Isoflavones for Reducing Bone Loss (SIRBL) Study: A three-year randomized controlled trial in postmenopausal women', American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 91, Pages 218-30. 
  • Batzer, J. C., Gleason, M. L.,Taylor, S. E., Koehler, K. J., and Monteiro, J. E. B. A. (2008), 'Spatial heterogeneity of leaf wetness duration in apple trees and its influence on performance of a warning system for sooty blotch and flyspeck', Plant Disease Vol. 92, Pages 164-170. 
  • Osman, M.A., Allen, P.S., Mehyar, N.A., Bobe, G., Coetzee, J.F., Koehler, K. J. and Beitz, D.C., (2008), 'Acute Metabolic Responses of Postpartal Dairy Cows to Subcutaneous Glucagon Injection, Oral Glycerol or Both', Journal of Dairy Science. Vol. 91:, Pages 3311-3322. 
  • Navikov, R.A., J.P. Schoonmaker, J.M. Reecy, D. Moody-Spurlock, J. Minick-Bormann, K.J. Koehler and D.C. Beitz (2008), 'Polymorphisms in lipogenic genes and variations in fatty acid composition in Holstein dairy cows.', Journal of Animal Science. Vol. 87, Pages Supplement, p. 45. 
  • Donald Beitz, Rafael Navikov, Jon Schoonmaker, James Reecy, Diane Moody-Spurlock, Kenneth Koehler, and Jennifer Minic-Bormann (2008), 'Enhancing the Healthfulness of Milk Fat', Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center, Progress Reports , Pages 79-85.